THE TINY TOWER LAPTOP STAND This highly successful Kickstarter project needed a sidekick and you guessed it, a bag. Yes, a sleek contender in the carry all protection department. Internally padded and divided to take the stand, keyboard, mouse and chargers. A water-resistant zip and […]


CUSTOM INSULATED PROMO DRINK DISPENSERS  CUSTOM “ESKY” PROMO DRINK SERVERS  INSULATED PANNIER BAGS WITH WHEELS These insulated snack pack coolers also have wheels and a telescopic handle. The bike rider would be able to detach the pannier bags and wheel them to and from the […]


OWNER OCCUPY Owner Occupy, commissioned by SCAF, seeks to create a timely discussion around architecture’s role in housing affordability, and the real estate market’s control of land ownership. In their artist statement, Heidi Axelsen and Hugo Moline describe a new state of terra nullius, ‘where a new order […]


Bachelor of Branded Fashion Design The fashion industry is looking for a new breed of designer. Individuals who can combine fresh and inspiring designs, with an understanding of how to produce for commercial success, are the ones who will thrive. The branded fashion designer’s role […]


CRUMPLER In 2009 I saw an advertisement in the window of a “CRUMPLER” store in Newtown, Sydney. The ad was for a position in the custom bags department. I applied, got the job and couldn’t wait to start. Customers would come in and select a […]


“NON CAMO” CITY EDITION While camouflage for the bush and the desert is all well and good, if you want to stand out in the city then it’s a different story. Here are a few ideas i came up with. “RUSSIAN DOLL” 3 SIZES BACKPACK […]