First up, we need to visualise your design, and literally picture what you need made. We consider function, style, texture, comfort, detail and purpose requirements in a brainstorming meeting to create a visual of the product you need. Help is at hand with the visualisation process from the outset.

Any of the following can really help:
  • A non-working sample of the item
  • Photograph with dimensions
  • A rough sketch with dimensions
  • A sewn item similar to what you want or have used previously
  • An engineering drawing if one is available


The next step is the design process, in which we calculate dimensions and sizing specifications to add to the mix of your chosen fabrics, fixtures and accessories. With the aid of sketches and Illustrator, your product finds its legs here.


A detailed pattern is made from the design specifications. Using the pattern and the desired materials, a prototype or sample is cut and sewn. At this stage, any necessary changes can still be made to perfect the design. Once the prototype is made to your satisfaction, reproductions can be made.

Other services:

  • Embroidery
  • Appliqué
  • Screen printing
  • Die sublimation
  • Branding


If you’ve got a pattern or sample ready to go, get in touch to find out about reproductions and large orders.

1-9 unit orders: Once a prototype or sample is signed off, reproductions can be made for various purposes. 1- 9 unit orders are priced as a single unit cost.

10+ unit orders: 10 unit orders attract a most affordable per unit cost. The more units ordered the better the price.

While orders of 200+ units can be made in Australia by PV1, arrangements can be made for off-shore production for certain products, to take advantage of more affordable production costs. Minimum 200 units.

NANU – Sail through life

Internal organiser for Leather handbag.

Internal organiser for Leather handbag.

Products made for NANU – Sail through life include:

  • Leather handbag
  • Handbag internal organiser
  • Large Travel bag
  • Travel baby
  • Sports bag
  • Beach bag
  • Bean bag
  • Shopping bag
  • Sailors bag
  • Wash bag
  • Surfboard bag
  • Cool man bag
  • Ball cushion
  • Coffee table
  • Hammock
  • Storage baskets
  • Rowing machine cover
  • Laptop case
  • iPad case
  • Placemat