Bachelor of Branded Fashion Design

The fashion industry is looking for a new breed of designer. Individuals who can combine fresh and inspiring designs, with an understanding of how to produce for commercial success, are the ones who will thrive. The branded fashion designer’s role is to find the most creative, strategic, sustainable and cost-effective solution. Developing a commercial awareness of how to create, build and sustain a brand and align it with a target market is a critical skill.

Bachelor of Branded Fashion Design focuses on the design, production and branding of garments. You learn how to create and brand a range of design solutions, and use the latest software to communicate your product design ideas.

Designed by Insiya Sarkar, Made by PV1

Designed by Insiya Sarkar, Made by PV1

Designed by Julie Narm, Made by PV1, photos by William Hason -

Designed by Julie Narm, Made by PV1, photos by William Hason –

Designed by Julie Narm, Made by PV1, photos by William Hason - 2

Designed by Julie Narm, Made by PV1, photos by WILLIAM HASON



The Bachelor of Design in Fashion and Textiles is an internationally recognised degree that gives students the start they need to pursue careers across all facets of the international fashion industry. The degree provides the conceptual knowledge and garment-making skills required to transform creative vision into compelling fashion statements.

While UTS recognises that a commercial framework is important, students are encouraged to become industry leaders through a focus on innovation, experimentation, individual expression and the future of fashion. They have full access to world-class textile and fashion workshops, working under the close supervision of expert staff. This experimental spirit is balanced by close industry ties. Students get the opportunity to work on real-world projects with brands such as Jets Swimwear, Think Positive, Australian Wool Innovation, Calcoup Knitwear and Swarovski.








Who is Screenhaus?We are Designers and Screen Printers specialising in fabric yardage to fashion & furnishing.We see ourselves as catalysts – a bridge to make yardage possible on-shore.

Driven by Principal Designer / Printer – Stephen Woods, we are situated in St. Peters, (Newtown District) in Sydney, we believe in the Australian design aesthetic, production skills and capability of the new gaurd of catalysts pushing fashion at ground level through to our local, national and export markets. Australia is truly a land of opportunity and we believe that the culture we have is truly unique. Australia is truly egalitarian, in the way that talent, attitutude and hard work can take anyone without exception, to the top. We have the gift of being a nation of migrants from every corner of the globe. We are designers and cutters and makers drawing on the experience and heritage of every nation in the world – and therefore, one of the true melting pots – we get to mix and learn and grow and invent the future rather than living in the past.