PV1 is the niche end of the industrial sewing market offering customised, bespoke sewn solutions. The work is highly specialised and designed to order.

Need protection for specialised equipment or want to expand your branding reach with customised bags? From bags to flags, self-dispending chiller bags, equipment covers, teepees, hammocks and more, PV1 can design and tailor almost anything you have in mind…

From your initial vision to a sample prototype, we will design, create and reproduce your idea.

The process involves an initial consultation, in which we get to know exactly what you have in mind. It’s about creating a visual representation of what you want, and we can work from ideas, non-working items, photographs, sketches and engineering diagrams.

Then, we calculate the dimensions and add features to the mix of your chosen fabrics, fixtures and accessories, before embarking on the creation of your prototype. A detailed pattern is made from the specifications, and using the pattern, a sample is cut and sewn.

Finished prototypes include: device pouches/ medical bags/ carry cases/ bike and accessory bags/ machinery covers/ soft roadcases/ travel bags/ boat covers and more.

PV1 is owned and operated by designer/creator Philippe Vincent. With over 25 years of experience in custom-made textile applications and prototype creation, Philippe’s design and sewing skill is at the heart of what PV1 is about.

ALL curious requests are welcome – we relish the challenge of finding the solution to a problem.



Custom sewing is akin to industrial tailoring, but its applications are incredibly broad thanks to a high level of specialisation and the custom-design element that is involved.

From retail to industrial, corporate to sole trader, a custom sewer is hired to create bags, cases and covers for packaging and protection. The military, AV, medical and retail industries all rely on custom-sewn products, and the precision and care of custom sewing ensures these products are efficient, attractive and durable.

In the retail industry, imprinted bags and customised backpacks are used widely for promotional and branding purposes, and because of the highly specialised nature of the industry, unusual materials, colours, logos, screenprinted decals, embroidery and appliqué can all be incorporated.

Custom-sewn solutions have specific applications in demanding environments to ensure you and your equipment get to your destination safely.



Making Prototypes is my speciality, sometimes it’s for personal use and sometimes it’s for big business. When a prototype is made for what ever reason, an in-depth collation of information is required to come up with the best solution.


Firefighters require specific equipment in their gear bags relating to the bush and the city. These bags were created as an alternative to what was already on the market.